My Services




This is your chance to get a completely customized road map to health, developed with your health history, lifestyle, desires and specific goals in mind.

As your health coach I will both motivate and hold you accountable. We’ll get clear on your goals together and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and education – because I believe knowledge is power and that change can happen once we really understand WHY and have a plan in hand.

4 Weeks of Health Coaching – $100

Receive four weeks of personal one-on-one training towards a healthier lifestyle, complete with a personal lifestyle review, weekly lessons, goals, and resources for healthy living.

8 Weeks of Health Coaching – $180 BEST VALUE!

All the benefits of the four-week program, but twice as long! Receive an extra month’s worth of lessons, goals, & follow-ups from Dawn.



Get Cooking – Cooking Classes with a Healthy Twist

Let me be clear – I’m not a professionally trained chef.  I am a self-thought-taught home cook who loves food and healthy cooking. I don’t cook fancy, gourmet meals, but rather easy, delicious and real food.   Let’s have some fun in the kitchen with culinary education! Learn the basics of how to cook healthy meals with ease for yourself and your family.

Local Service. Contact me for more information.



Personal Shopping and Food Store Tour

Overwhelmed at what foods to buy at the store? Afraid you’ll spend your whole paycheck in one shopping trip? Do you really need to eat organic? I’m here to share with you the tricks of the trade when it comes to healthy food shopping. Learn how to read the nutrition label like a pro and decipher those mystery ingredients. Learn how to compare pre-packaged food products to choose the better option, how to buy fruits and vegetables, and many more of your questions answered along the way.

Local Service. A 2 hour session at local grocery stores. $100



Pantry Clean-out/Stocking a Healthy Kitchen

What’s hiding in your kitchen?! I will personally come to your house and help you clean out the pantry/kitchen of those food products that may be keeping you from reaching your ultimate health and wellness.  Learn the essentials to have on hand at all times to make quick, delicious and healthy meals in no time at all!

A local Service. A 2 hour session in your home. $100


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