About Dawn



Welcome to my personal journey and Health Coaching blog – Healthy Moms Today. Where I am helping moms to become truly healthy.


I started this blog in hopes to share my passion about nutrition and wellness. A blog to help define what being healthy really means. My mission is to help you in everyday life to live healthy, from the inside out & from the outside in.

As a busy wife and mom of four kids I understand the craziness of life. Sometimes, it feels like you are in survival mode.  It can also take a toll on your health, effect your family, relationships, and most importantly, YOU!  I truly believe that every mom out there wants to feel great and live life with energy and give herself in the most fulfilling way.  I also know, to live this way, means we have to be healthy in every area of our lives. I see on a daily basis the effects of women who haven’t take care of themselves in the ways of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I hear stories of women struggling, stressed, tired on all levels, living with wounds/hurts and are just broken. If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

From my own journey and experiences to hearing other moms around me with their own struggles in these areas, is why Healthy Moms Today and my personal Health Coaching exists.  I want to help, encourage, support and give women out there the tools and steps they need, to walk out being who they really are, in a healthy way, everyday.



I am a Health & Wellness Coach who approaches from a Holistic outlook. Some of my areas of practice includes nutrition, learning to navigate grocery stores, cooking healthy meals and pantry makeovers. I am most PASSIONATE about, coaching women in how to live healthy in all areas of her life.

With my coaching style, I believe in taking an individualistic and holistic approach to coaching my clients; meaning all my recommendations are tailored specifically to each unique person in an attempt to reach their optimum health and ultimately lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.


My background is in Sports Fitness & Nutrition and Health & Wellness Coach/Consultant.  I continue to take classes, teach classes and educate myself as much as possible.  I want to help motivate, encourage, lead, guide, educate and show women (especially) moms, how important it is to be healthy and how easy it is.   I hope through this blog, you will find the resources and inspiration that you need.


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