The New Year & A New Journey


This past year, I hit a physical/emotional/unhealthy wall.  Truth be told, I have been in this season on and off, since having my fourth child (which she is now 5).  I have chalked it up to aging, weight gain, hormones and being in the forties for causing my issues. Which, some of that was true. However, I was still continuing to struggle more and more.

Then this past fall, I started teaching and leading women in the areas of Soul Care. From what that means, to how all of those areas effect our lives.  The whole time inside, feeling convicted, because, honestly, I knew some of these areas, I was struggling in myself. But that is how God works, right? He uses our own struggles/stories to help others.  I knew inside, something was going on with my own health and I was avoiding it. Meanwhile, my symptoms were getting worse & trying to operate in everyday mode, acting fine, was becoming exhausting on top of it all. My body was now hurting in more areas and sleeping wasn’t happening much. Honestly, fear was holding me back from leaning into what could be going on. I also knew, I couldn’t do what God was calling me to do everyday, or be a good wife and mother and lead/serve others feeling the way I was.

In November, doctor appointments and testing began.  It wasn’t the greatest of news, but it wasn’t the worse of news either. Especially, when I have friends around me fighting the horrible battle of cancer and other serious conditions. My end result was that I have a hiatal hernia from my last pregnancy, which ultimately caused GERDS (gastroesophageal reflux disease). It’s something I will always have, but can be manged, if I make the lifestyle changes, that I am suppose too. Looking back, all the signs, symptoms, make sense. I just didn’t know what was causing them, but seeing the checklist and understanding how things work, I do now. The thing that stinks the most, the foods I love, everything I ate almost daily, I can’t have anymore.  It’s requiring me to go back to the drawing board of new ideas/recipes. A new season of re-figuring out food and working out.  Which honestly, some days it’s overwhelming and exhausting.

In this New Year, I am inviting you to come with me on this new journey. My plan is to post my ups and downs, new recipes, workouts and much more… I am hoping it will not only help me, as I make these changes, but that it will also help someone out there too. Making changes, isn’t always fun, believe me, I am still struggling with it. However, I know it’s worth it.  Today, I can say, since beginning to make changes, my pains are pretty much gone, I can sleep at night and my energy level is coming back.  It’s amazing when you feel good, how much easier it is to do life everyday.

So where are you struggling right now? What is something you need to face in 2017?  I encourage you, to face your fears. There is freedom that comes when we face those things head on, good or bad. Believe me, there is a peace in just knowing, that you will soon discover.

Here’s to a New Year and a New Journey and you are invited to join me.





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