Live the Life You Want Your Children to Live



I truly believe our kids imitate what we would do.  It may seem at times, they aren’t paying attention, but rest assure, they are.  So what does that look like, if we are wanting a healthy family, healthy kids? It means, we must set the example and teach them, what healthy looks like.  From what are healthy foods, to cooking, the importance of some type of exercise daily in our lives and so on…..

Teaching our kids the healthy way to live, is one of the best things we can do as parents.  It helps set them up for success in so many areas of their lives today and in the future.  I want to give some tips in the area of how to feed are kids well. It is one of the struggles I hear from parents all of the time.  Hope these tips can help you move into a direction of being more healthy in your family.

Tips on how to best feed your kids:

  • Encourage a wide and varied healthy diet, introducing new foods frequently and early.
  • Don’t pressure your children to eat (one-bite rules are fine) or withhold dessert unless they eat their veggies.
  • Don’t reward them with food.
  • Disband the “clean your plate” club.
  • Keep plenty of fruits and vegetables handy, accessible, visible, washed and prepared, and literally smile at your kids when they eat them.
  • Sit at the table and eat with your kids.
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Dramatically minimize meals out and takeout.
  • Ensure that as many meals as possible a week involve the transformation of raw ingredients.
  • Involve your kids in cooking.

Put even more simply? Live the lives you want your children to live.





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