Holiday Private Health Coach Call


The holidays are making their way around the corner! The fall themed candy and decorations have been replaced with red, green, and white Christmas ones! Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are right around the corner filled with all kinds of tempting goodies.  For some of us, holidays are hard to get through and stay on the healthy train.

I get it. Staying healthy and balanced during the holiday season is hard even if you have a good routine established, let alone if you are walking into it feeling a little defeated.

Maybe you need a motivational talk. Or some ideas on how to avoid your triggers. Or some new recipes, ideas or a plan to try over the next 6 weeks. Well I am here for you!

So if you have interest in talking on the phone with me for 30 minutes about your specific situation, then shoot me an email at dawn@healthymomstoday.com. We will find a time that works for us both and get it on the schedule! (3-call packages also available for a discounted rate)

Hope to chat with you soon!



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