Getting Healthy In The Quiet Spaces


The 4:45 am alarm clock is going off. It came way too fast again. Truth be told, that is where the mental games begin.  It’s easy to start the excuses for not getting up.  It’s cold out, it’s dark out, maybe today will be a rest day, or I will workout later in the day (which 98% of the time doesn’t happen).

Over the last several weeks, I have made a mental switch. Before I lay there too long and start the reasons for not getting up, I simply get up. I know that I need that time just for me.  I need that quiet space before the day begins.  I am in a season with a lot on my mind.  I am processing things, seeking clarity, working through things that are on my heart, and fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed. I need the cold, dark early mornings. I need the quietness.  It’s become a place to collect my thoughts, pray for the day, and a place for ideas.

My first step out the door, is cold, but it doesn’t take long before I am warmed up and thankful that I pushed myself out the door again.  I love running under the stars.  The sky is truly beautiful at 5:30 in the morning.  I love the quietness around me.  I love hearing nature. I love hearing God.

As women, wives, moms, it’s hard to find quiet spaces in our day to just breathe.  Each stage and season of life has it’s craziness.  However, I encourage you to find those moments and no matter what, make them non-negotiable.

If you truly want to be a healthy wife, mom, friend…then make yourself a priority! Do not feel guilt in that.  Embrace the quietness and silent moments in your life.  You might end up being surprised, what happens in those moments.


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