Hitting The Pause Button


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It’s been awhile, since I have written a blog post.  The truth is, I needed to hit the pause button.  A much-needed step back, a time to re-focus and make sure, I am taking Healthy Moms Today in the right direction. On a personal level, I needed to hit the pause button too.

This passion/desire inside me began in a season of not being healthy on all levels. I know the power of what change can do and ultimately feel like.  It’s why I do what I do.  My heart’s desire is for everyone to experience and live their lives on a healthy level.  To know what it feels like to really be present, have the energy to be present and be able to do life at its fullest!

Truth is, I let myself go in some of these areas over the past several months.  It’s so easy to put ourselves on the back burner, and when we do, we will pay for it! I let myself become overwhelmed in different areas of my life, that it started to effect more areas. HONEST moment – NO ONE is PERFECT, including ME!  Sometimes or from time to time, we need to hit the bottom of the hole we dug ourselves into, to make those changes or re-focus again.

For me, I take myself out by trying to be or give in ways, that I just can’t.  So, if you are in that boat today, I want to encourage you, create the space to sit down and figure out what needs to change, what are those steps that will put you back on track again.  Life is a process. Your health is a process.  Give yourself time, be patient and just stay the course.

Taking steps back for me, was much-needed.  I am experiencing new clarity, (still figuring out things) but feel like I know the direction I am going and it feels good!  My plans, ideas, dreams for where I want Healthy Moms to go, is bigger then me.  That excites me and scares me at the same time.   I plan to continue to share, help and encourage everyone in their health journey.  Helping others, in ways that I can, take those steps so they can live their life for the better.

For now, I feel like myself and Healthy Moms has entered a new season.  And it’s truly ALL GOOD!





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