Farmer’s Market


As women, wives, moms, it’s easy for us to have a lot on our plates day in and day out.  From managing our homes, our kids, our commitments and/or working outside of the home.  I think it becomes easy to not take time for ourselves.  I know, that I am guilty of this.  However, it so important to carve out those times for ourselves during the week.  We will feel better about ourselves and in return have energy to give to our families and other areas in our lives.

For me, I call these “sacred places”.  A place or hobby ect… that relaxes us, helps us re-focus, de-stresses, time to think…… For me, it’s running or walking outside, cooking, farmer’s market, decorating/upcycling, gardening….. to name a few.  I find when I create space to do something I love, my whole world changes.  I have the motivation and energy to give myself more fully to those around me.

This weekend, I was able to go to the Famer’s Market.  I felt like a kid in the candy store.  I love seeing the beauty in plants, flowers, fruits and veggies.  farmermarket2 farmersmarket3 farmermarket4 farmermarket5 farmermarket6

It’s important to be healthy from the inside out.  So whatever your “sacred spaces” are, make them a priority! Schedule them into your weeks! It’s okay, to let somethings go, so you can have the time you need for you!


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