What is a Health Coach and do I need one?


I have been thinking lately about my career as a Health Coach and how much I truly love helping others. But, I came to realize not everyone may know what a health coach actually does and more importantly how I can serve you to live your fullest life. This post is dedicated to explaining what I do as a health coach as well as why you might need me in your life.

|| What is a Health Coach? ||

Honestly, a health coach will be different to each and every client. As a health coach, I take each person’s health needs/struggles and help them reach their individual wellness goals. Each person is treated as an individual. There is a reason behind why you are not living your healthiest and we will work together to overcome this so you can live a healthy lifestyle.  Some typical goals could be losing weight, getting rid of emotional eating, meal planning, eating clean, learning how to cook healthy meals or getting your kitchen/pantry set up with healthy foods (to name a few).

As a health coach I do not replace a medical doctor, rather, I am a tool in your wellness journey to get you to your healthiest life possible. It takes a lot of work to figure out what is right for you and to get to your goals. That’s my job. I take care of mapping out realistic ideas that are specific for your lifestyle and set goals. We work together to motivate and inspire you into action so you are able to achieve your goals and feel the best possible.

|| Who needs a Health Coach? ||

Many of us know what we should  be doing to get to our health goals, but why aren’t we all there yet? That’s where I come in as a health coach. I am there to support, motivate, and inspire you along your journey so you ARE successful. Although we may have many reasons for not getting started on our health journey (too busy, think it may be hard, or don’t know where to begin) as a health coach, I can help put it all into perspective. We map out a plan that is perfect for your lifestyle and goals. Being healthy doesn’t need to be hard or take up a lot of time. I can work with you so you are able to put all those excuses behind you and start living the life you deserve.

Now, I know how hard it can seem at first. Don’t worry, I will help you along the way. There just aren’t enough excuses in the world not to be living the best life possible. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one, please contact me dawn@healthymomstoday.com I look forward to hearing from you!





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