My Story. My Mission. My Passion


My Story.

When I stepped into the Health and Wellness world 11 years ago, I had no idea where it was going to lead and what God had in store.  My story really begins after I had my second daughter.  A few weeks after delivering her, I experienced post-partum depression, extreme hormone imbalance, and weight gain issues. This was a whole new world to me and instantly became a personal struggle that would not go away. Looking back, I know see that the issue slowly grew bigger and bigger much like a snowball rolling downhill. Then I experienced a miscarriage. My world was shook again.

This season of life was hard on me in more ways than just physical.   I was emotionally not handling things well and looked to other outlets to make myself feel better. These were not healthy ones.  They were things that I thought would help with the pain and fill the voids left by the experiences of life. However, like all unhealthy and poor decisions the pain only went away temporarily.

Around this time, I started to receive information about healthy eating, ways to balance hormones, and how skin care products impact our lives. For the very first time, I was starting to see a bigger picture.  As a result I am a firm believer that our environment; what we put on our bodies and what we put inside our bodies; affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As I studied these areas, the more I wanted to know.  This was further impacted as I wanted to provide the healthiest environment for my 3 small children.  As a mom and wife, I wanted my kids to see how healthy decisions around food, exercise, body image, and cosmetics impacted me and could help them as they moved in to adolescence and adulthood.

The journey of making changes and being healthy has been hard at times, but has been rewarding and I was able to see its impact on me and my family. I knew at this point that I really wanted to influence other women around me. For me, this meant going back to school and learning as much as I could so I could equip and educate at a higher level.

My Mission.

During this time, I noticed how many women were struggling in the areas of being healthy.  When I say healthy, I am talking about physical, emotional and spiritual health. Often times they are all interrelated.  My mission became very clear. Take the things I had and am learning and make it accessible to moms. Out of this I started the Healthy Moms Today blog and Facebook page. In simple, non-threatening terms I talk about what I am learning. I provide healthy recipes. I share stories of things I have tried or am trying with my test lab (which is my family). I offer tangible starting points in thinking about shopping at the grocery store in different ways, how to meal plan, and how to cook simple, healthy and often easy meals.

My Passion.

My passionate desire is to help those moms (and families) out there who want to be healthy, to think about food in different ways. I want to show them that it can be considerably easier than what they anticipate. I feel most alive when I am helping a struggling mom who has turned to emotional eating. In helping a mom (or dad) navigate a grocery store and think about meal planning in new and exciting ways. Or in a kitchen helping a family cook real meals rather than the processed and premade meals that fill many of our grocery stores. It is in those moments that I feel thankful and blessed that God can use the fragile moments of my journey to positively impact others. The front row seat to their transformation is inspiring and rewarding.

My journey continues. I am still learning and growing. If any of this inspires you to make even a small change I would love to help.

This is my story, my mission and my passion.

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