Clean Eating Snack Ideas


I am consistently asked, “What are good healthy snacks”?  So I thought I would post some ideas to help you out.  Snacks are important for those in between meals to help keep your body fueled to the next meal.  They are only beneficial however, if what you are eating is something that your body needs.

Plan Your Snacks.

Planning is an important skill to develop if we want to eat clean more consistently. In a world that’s not always clean-friendly, it takes a conscious decision to make healthy eating a priority.

Without deciding ahead of time how we want to respond to hunger or stress, we may end up reacting to the events of our lives in habitual ways that don’t serve us well. This is especially true when it comes to food. Plan your snacks for the week and have them with you when you are away from home.

lunch plate

Clean Eating Snack Ideas:

Veggies & Hummus
Apple & Nut Butter
Raw almonds & Apple
Hard Boiled Eggs
Whole Grain Rice Cakes with Nut Butter
Dark Chocolate
Greek yogurt with berries
Clean Granola
Clean Trail Mix
Banana & Nut Butter
Air-popped Popcorn
Avocado on Clean Toast
Cottage Cheese with Fruit
Nuts & Raisins
Hummus with whole grain pita
Roasted seeds with Fruit
Homemade chips with Guacamole
Cherry Tomatoes
Celery & peanut butter
Roasted Chickpeas
Cheese & Clean crackers
Dates & Nut Butter
Veggies & Clean Ranch Dressing
Homemade protein/energy bars or balls


Hope these few ideas give you a great starting point in the area of snacks!


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