Creating a Healthy Attitude Towards Food in Your Children


One of the many stories, that I hear over and over with my clients is, I want to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy. In some cases, I am working with families with older kids and yes, it makes the changing process a little more difficult.  However, regardless of what age your kids are, here are some tips to help you get started.

Tips on how to create a healthier attitude towards food in your children.

Set structured meal times.  If you set firm meal and snack times, then the goal is to stay with these times, within reason, over the long term.

Tell your children their bodies are terrific and healthy. That doesn’t mean you have to lie.  Find their best features and flatter them.  Teach them to be strong within themselves.

Teach your children that young bodies are constantly growing and developing and that change is normal. Stress that all bodies are different and there is beauty in each differences.

Offer varied choices of clean foods. Allow your children to decide what they want to eat but make the offerings healthy and nutritious.  Eliminate junk right at the grocery store.

Choose your battles. Say yes occasionally to unhealthy treats.  A treat means an indulgence eaten once in a while, not every day.

Bring both healthy snacks into your home and occasionally unhealthy ones. Chances are they will prefer the healthier snacks. (I have witnessed this with my own kids)

Place a heavy emphasis on physical activity, including unstructured play.

Take your children grocery shopping.

Set the example yourself, every day.


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