Emotional Eating


This week I listened to a young man share his story about his upbringing and how from there, it led to a life of an eating disorder and emotional eating.  As I was listening, my thoughts went to, no one escapes disorders or emotional eating, no matter what your gender is.  In our cultural, you mainly hear of young girls/women struggling in these areas, but it’s not just women, its men too.  As I was processing all of his story, I was reminded, that as women, wives, moms, we have the power to teach our kids, family, loved ones the healthy relationship we should have with our food.  That dinner time around the table is crucial and that eating real, whole food is important to our health and our bodies.  We influence those around us.  We are the role models.

Today, this young man still struggles, but he is aware of it. It is a daily mental shift for him.  There are days, he shared, that I come home from work and its been a stressful day and I just want to go get the bag of chocolate chips and eat the whole thing.  It’s in those moments, stopping and asking myself, the question,  “Am I going to feel better on the other end of it?”  “There are times, even though I know the answer, I still choose to eat the bag of chocolate chips.”  He recognizes that he is not perfect. There will always be moments of making decisions and coming face to face with temptations of former habits. Do you find yourself in the same situation? Do you reach out to food to emotionally satisfy yourself or do you address what’s really going on?

So are you struggling with emotional eating, cravings or an eating disorder?  You are not alone! It’s okay to reach out for help.  That truly is the first step.  As women, sometimes to our own default, we think I got this, I don’t need help or want to ask for help.  I got this.  But do you really got it?

My passion, my heart desire, the reason I am a Health Coach and started Healthy Moms Today, is to address some of these issues we have. At the end of the day, it’s easier to slide our habits under the table and ignore that they are there.  It’s so easy to fall into these traps, when it comes to food and how we see/treat  food.  We sometimes define ourselves to much by the food we eat.  We are emotional creatures, we connect to food.  It is one of our most intimate things we do with others.

I encourage you today, to ask yourself these questions: Am I struggling enough, that I need to reach out for help? Do I need to educate myself more in these areas so I can better serve my family? Do I need a better understanding of food? Am I being a healthy role model for my kids or those that I have influence over in my life?

It’s NEVER to late and it’s MORE THEN okay to ask for help.  You are WORTH IT!!


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